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Mellow Hollow Studio's audio engineer and producer Daniel Glen Timms is a critically-acclaimed recording artist and musician who brings over 35 years of music performance, writing and music production. His independently released albums have received radio airplay throughout the world, where he has gained a worldwide following. He is also a music video director and composer with highly developed ears and brings a deep passion for music to your recording project. Daniel has recorded at some of the top studios in Los Angeles and Nashville with some of the best players in the world. With Daniel you will have someone who cares about your music and will work diligently to help you achieve your artistic goals when recording at this unique recording studio in Nashville.

Daniel Glen Timms
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Nashville Recording Studio

Located along the Cumberland River, 20 minutes from Music Row in Nashville, TN, Mellow Hollow Studio is a unique recording studio with high-end gear and is nestled into 36 private acres in the hills of middle Tennessee. Far enough away from the hubbub of Music Row to get a real vibe when tracking and mixing, but close enough to have access to some of the best studio musicians in Nashville, as well as, the ability to rent any equipment for a specific project, if our upper eschelon gear is not enough and you require a specific piece of equipment. We have some of the best gear to record and mix your project, including: Neve, BAE, Tab Funkenwerk and AEA preamps with top-drawer microphones like Wunder Audio CM-7, Microtech Gefell M300s, etc. Recording through great mics, pres, EQs and compressors in a fantastic sounding room makes all the difference, if you are a serious recording artist. We prefer working with artists who have this goal in mind.

The main room of the studio has a 22-foot tapered ceiling with acoustical treatment and sounds superb for tracking drums, bands, vocals and instruments. In the vocal booth you will record on some of the finest microphones that are made in the world today, including a Wunder Audio CM7, which many feel is the best sounding microphone on the planet. We also have a Peluso stereo ribbon mic and ribbon mic pre that sound great on vocals, instruments and as drum overheads. With high-end outboard gear, converters and microphones, artist, producer and engineer, Daniel Glen Timms, will help your project come to life. If you are looking for a recording studio and engineer in the Nashville area with a great atmosphere and top notch equipment, Mellow Hollow Studio is the perfect solution.

We primarily work with independent labels and artists who want to record an album or EP. We also work with gospel, inspirational and Christian music artists. This is not a touristy type demo mill in a small room on Music Row, but an old fashioned recording studio where creativity and artistry is achieved and honored. Daniel Glen Timms, the owner, is an accomplished recording artist and producer who will help you create the sounds you have dreamed about. Daniel is also available to score films and television. The atmosphere at Mellow Hollow can't be beat for inspiration and creativity. Check out some Mellow Hollow Studio recordings here:

Our rates vary depending on the type of project, number of band members, number of songs, instrumentation, mixing, etc. However, our typical rates are $900 per day (up to 12 hours per day). Read more... regarding Nashville recording studio rates, costs and prices.

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Online Tracking, Mixing and Mastering

No matter where you are located, you can send your tracks to Mellow Hollow Studio to be mixed with world class gear by a producer with high end tools and excellent ears. We can also record tracks by highly skilled musicians. Need your final mix mastered, we can take care of that, as well. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

Check Nashville studio rates.

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Recording Studio in Nashville, TN Tennessee

Located near Music Row in Nashville, singer songwriters, Americana, rock, country, bluegrass, blues, gospel, rhythm & blues, progressive, and jazz recording artists are welcome. With our room with high ceilings, vocal booth and other isolated areas, it makes the choices considerably good with the abiity to get a great live band sound, or to have each player isolated, or a little of both using custom made gobos, the vocal booth, the piano room, and other rooms. The main room has been acoustically treated with custom made wooden diffusion panels, foam panels and bass traps. With the high ceilings (22 feet) and with the roof angled at about 3 degrees, it makes for a pure sounding space with a natural reverb. This overhead height of space works particularly well when tracking drums, whether you are going for more of a live room sound utilizing the Glyn Johns method with fewer microphones, or a full-on 12 mics for capturing every level of the drum kit and room on different tracks. Our favorite overhead mic setups are: Peluso SR14 stereo ribbon mic, a stereo pair of Shure KSM32's, a stereo pair of Kel Audio HM1-X mics or even a mono overhead using our Wunder Audio CM7 in omni. Kick drum duties for microphones are the Shure Beta 52a mic or Audix 6, or even a Shure SM7B. Typically we use SM57s and our Dapro Crl-4 mic for snare drum, or both. For toms we use CAD M177 mics, as well as, KSM32's, SM7B, Crl-4 and a SM58. For the front of the kit mic, the CM7, KSM32, HM1-X or the Crl-4 all excel in this capacity.

Studios for Rent

If you need a good recording studio in Nashville, our facility is for rent for independent and major label projects, as well as, demo recording for songwriters seeking studio rentals. If you book multiple days, you can get a discount, so mix your next project in our relaxing atmosphere. It is truly inspirational to take breaks to rest your ears during mixing and hang out on the front deck or even go for a short hike to get the blood moving. If you have people with you while you are working, the lounge area is appealing and functional with a refrigerator, comfortable chairs, desk, laptop with internet and sofa. You can set outside through the lounge door and there is another nice view where you can commune with nature. This is a truly charming and unique place to cut your next album or EP.

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Hire online music mixer, producer, tracks

You can hire Mellow Hollow from anywhere in the world to track, mix and produce your music. Hire Nashville session players to play on your songs and record them in a top notch recording studio.

Studio costs in Nashville

Looking for recording studio costs in Nashville? Give us a call or send us an email and we will help you with your budget. When you see studios offering to record and mix any song for a few hundred dollars, you have to wonder how this is done, when they haven't even heard the song. What if the song needs orchestration or maybe a horn section? This sounds like a used car pitch and not someone with a passion for music. If you want to get an accurate cost, then contact us and we can go over your song and the type of arrangement and production that would help bring the song to life. There seem to be alot of demo studios that want to treat your music like an assembly line. Each song or piece of music is different and a realistic budget should be developed to achieve your goals and artistic vision.

Audio engineer

Hire Daniel Glen Timms to track and mix your record in his high end recording studio. Have you already tracked your project and you are looking for a mixer? Our modified Soundcraft Sapphyre mixing console with our excellent compressors and signal processing, will make your tracks come to life. Utilizing an Alan Smart C1 stereo mix buss compressor through a Summit Audio EQP-200B Dual Program Equalizer, in addition to the upgraded opamps of the master section of the mixing console, your mix will sound like a record. Additionally, Mellow Hollow integrates analog outboard gear and digital technology, which makes the combination of sounds virtually limitless. With compressors made by Summit Audio, Alan Smart Research, Overstayer, and Dbx, including: Neve 1073, BAE 312 and TAB V78M mic pres, along with Lexicon reverbs and effects, backed up by Waves SSL plugins, we have the flexibility and ability to blend sounds of all sorts. We can take a simple vocal and guitar, or vocal and piano that you send us, and can build an entire production around them. If you already have your tracks, we will take them to sonic heaven by mixing and mastering them for you.

Description of Nashville Recording Studios

Nashville recording studios typically consist of a tracking room and mixing room with outboard gear and a vocal booth. Sounds can be recorded digitally with digital audio workstation (DAW) or by analog with a tape machine. With a DAW you need analog to digital (A/D) and digital to analog (A/D) converters when tracking and mixing. Every link in the signal chain is vital in order to produce a first class record. When capturing a sound or an instrument, starting with the microphone, mic pre, signal processing, equalizer to the converters to the tracks, this signal chain is where you separate the wheat from the chaff. Although the vast majority of production facilities are digital, due to the editing abilities and quality of sound, some still offer analog tape machines as a recording device. Tape machines are typically 2-inch, 24-track recorders, but there are also 8- and 16-tracks on 1- and 2-inch tape. Mixing down to a 2-track 1/2 inch tape machine, such as the ATR-102, the Studer A80 or the Otar MTR-10, can warm and improve the final mix. There are also some superb tape emulation plug ins available to handle this task. We like the Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine, which practically sounds identical to tape in quality and sound.

The history of Nashville Recording Studios

The Nashville Recording Industry actually started after WWII...

Nashville studio frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to record at a Nashville recording studio?
*The rates vary depending on the room, the recording gear, the engineer and the availability. Recording gear is one of the most important aspect of the quality of the recording. The quality of the microphones, mic pres, compressors, mixing console, converters, etc. will have a big impact on the final quality of your recording. In and around Nashville there are the large and very expensive music recording studios and there are numerous smaller studios. Many of the smaller studios are demo studios for songwriters and the quality of the gear is low-end and cheap. At Mellow Hollow Studio we have top of the line microphones, mic pres, converters and signal processors with an excellent sounding tracking room. We cater to artists who are making records that sound great and are not just demos.

Wouldn't it be better if I record and mix at the more expensive studios in Nashville, Tennessee?
Not necessarily. You can get the same high quality or better recordings at a little less expensive studio with the same recording gear. The atmosphere at Mellow Hollow lends itself to being more relaxed and bringing your best performance out, as opposed to the sometimes fake glitz and glammer hype of the Music Row area. We find that independent artists with a budget will be better served recording in our atmosphere, as our microphones and outboard gear are as good as it gets for your signal path.

Would the recording we make at Mellow Hollow be broadcast quality?
Absolutely! We have high end microphones and superb signal chains that will capture your best performance and sound big time. You should compare our gear, Wunder Audio, Neve, BAE, etc. to other "budget" studios and you will see that mostly they are not using this high of quality music studio recording gear. Additionally, with our 22-foot high tapered ceiling room that is acoustically treated, the natural reverb is outstanding and big sounding. Whether the recording requires a big sound or intimate sound, we have you covered at Mellow Hollow.

Do your recording studio prices include the audio engineer?
Yes, the quote we provided will include Daniel Glen Timms who will track and mix. Daniel brings more than 35 years of musical experience, including recording in some of the best studios in the world in Nashville and Los Angeles. Daniel has put together a high end studio with an excellent room to make your tracks sound big time.

How much does it cost to record and mix an album?
It varies depending on the number of songs, instrument arrangements, length of songs, etc. In general, an independent record typically costs between $5k and $20k, but this is a very general range and can go higher when hiring musicians, number of takes, mixing, etc.

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Nashville Recording Studio Rates

Typical Nashville studio rates are anywhere from $50 to thousands per hour with an engineer. The most important thing to look for is the quality of the signal path, the room acoustics, atmosphere and the audio engineer who will be tracking or mixing your sounds. At Mellow Hollow we excel at all of these aspects of the music production process. If you are looking for a great sounding record, you have come to the right place.

Rates for Studios in Nashville

Our rates vary according to the particular project. In most cases, it is more cost effective to track and mix more than one song at a time. In other words, if you have session players record one song, you may as well have them track two more songs at the session, as it will not cost that much more. Then if it takes three days, to mix the songs, you will get a multiple day discount. Price quote for Nashville studio rates.

Need a Demo of your song?

We have access to the best session players in town. If you are looking to demo your song so you can plug it to artists, publishing companies are music supervisors, it is essential to have a pro sounding version. These days, managers, A&R and record companies want to hear it at its best. Sometimes, the demo can never be improved on and could end up being released, so why take a chance. Make your demo releasable with the best gear and musicians. Send us a message for a quote for your demo production.

Video of your recording session

For an additional cost, we can capture your time in the studio on high definition video so that you can use it in promoting your music and to post on your website. Capturing your time in the studio in Nashville on video is important and is nice to have to remember your time in the studio. At Mellow Hollow we realize for some artists, being in the recording studio is one of the highlights of their lives and we work hard to make your experience a memorable one.